Recreating an original vector logo from jpg or gif format

Vector Graphics Conversion

Almost every web and graphic designer during their website design career  has encountered the following scenario. A client sends their company logo to you as a small JPEG file which they want enlarged for their wide aspect, high resolution billboard rotator on their home page.  After a few sighs, you fire up Photoshop and proceed with agonising hand tracing which seems to last forever!

In this article, we explore two alternatives to this laborious task; Adobe Illustrator’s live trace feature and Vector Magic, an online vector graphic conversion tool.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 – Live trace feature

Adobe Illustrator CS5 is one of the most comprehensive illustration tools available for graphic designers and artists.  The Live Trace feature automatically traces the original image and creates paths for a vector object allowing you to easily enlarge your image with minimal loss. The vector image can then be exported to EPS, SVG and PDF formats and can easily be exported to other Adobe solutions.

Vector Magic

Vector Magic is an online and desktop tool that converts BMP, JPEG and PNG files to vector graphic formats.  This lightweight tool automatically traces an uploaded image file and converts it to a scalable vector object which can be exported to EPS, SVG, AI and PDF formats.  Additional features include a professional hand tracing service and a developer API which allows developers to implement the online conversion tool on their own websites.

Both tools provide simple and effective solutions for vector graphic conversion, saving hours of work with professional results.